NUTS: Night of English Literature

This year’s edition is themed Spoof & Satire, and will include lectures by Dr Hans Jansen, Dr John Flood and Prof. Richard Lansdown. We also have some amazing people from Groningen University Theatre Society – GUTS coming by!

You can get your tickets by emailing us at, and transferring the money to SVNUTS (NL89 RABO 0346 2152 18). This event is €2 for members and €4 for non-members. Do make sure you get your tickets in time, as tickets are limited.

Doors will open at 20:00, the event starts at 20:30.

Venue: Van der Velde Boeken Groningen, locatie Grote Markt.

Just William

William. 13

The latest issue of William the Dutch Shakespeare magazine has now appeared. A number of people associated with the department have been involved with it:

Kristy Zuijdervliet has written an article ‘Shakespeare fandom 3.0’

Dr Hans Jansen has written about Measure for Measure and his fetish for Shakespeare dolls.

Sara van Geloven, a former student, is now the general editor of the publication.

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Into the World

Prof. Sobecki was speaking about the travels of Sir John Mandeville on BBC Radio 4 on Monday night. The episode is available as a download at:

From the BBC site:

At a moment when Brexit and our carbon footprints are prompting us to reassess what it means to move around the world, Sarah Dunant looks at the long history of travel and the ways it has enchanted and alarmed us across the centuries.

The anxieties over young Tudor travellers returning radicalised from Catholic Europe was a phenomenon that gripped England after the break with Rome. Nandini Das argues that fears over travel helped to define a nation.

Professor Eric Zuelow shows how the Nazi regime turned travel into a highly sophisticated propaganda tool, organising tours and trips specifically designed to cement ideas of racial superiority and national identity.

In the Middle Ages, travel is seen to be a startlingly tolerant and cosmopolitan experience, as the naturally curious medieval mind seeks to expand the borders of its world in a spirit of generosity. Whether the fantastical journeys of Sir John Mandeville or the diplomatic missions of Dominican Friars to Mongol Kings, Sebastian Sobecki explains how new discoveries were always understood through their existing religious and cultural lenses.

University of Groningen: An Unofficial History

This illustrated English-language history of the University of Groningen covers the years from its foundation in 1614 to 2018. It is structured around a chronological overview of the major events and significant people in the university’s life placed in the context of Dutch national history. Its final chapter deals with current debates and changes at the university. The book emerged from a project based on an MA course in the English Department’s Writing, Editing and Mediating course. It is on sale on all of Amazon’s sites.

Contents: Before 1614 •  Foundation, 1614 • Early Students •  Libraries • 1700-1814: Enlightenment • Medicine  • 1814-1914: Education Acts  • Women  • 1914-1950: War  | Museums • 1950-2000: Expansion  • 2000-2018: Millennium • Dutch Universities • Terminology • Bibliography • Index

Contributors: Eltje Beckmann | Siebrand Boerema | Judith Bol | Frank Braamhaar | Tina Bruinsma | Elien Cusveller | Ingrid Dillen | Dr John Flood | Violette Frentrop | Sara van Geloven | Sabrina Hartmann | Tamsin Horsfield | Emma Jansen | Dr Hans Jansen | Miriam Lange | Maria van Loosdrecht | Daniël Muller | Jill Nobel | Sander Ootjers | Dorrit Ris | Jelmer van der Schaaf | Dorian Smilda | Aaf Tienkamp | Esmee Tijdeman | Emmie Touwen | Rudy Veiga da Palma | Miranda Wijgers | Baukje Wijma.


Medieval English Travel

Medieval English Travel: A Critical Anthology, edited by Sebastian Sobecki (Groningen) and Anthony Bale (Birkbeck, London) has just been published by Oxford University Press.

Medieval English Travel: A Critical Anthology is a comprehensive volume that consists of three sections: concise introductory essays written by leading specialists; an anthology of important and less well-known texts, grouped by destination; and a selection of supporting bibliographies organised by type of voyage. This anthology presents some texts for the first time in a modern edition. (Publisher’s description)

More details here


New Professor of English Language

At the beginning of the year Prof. Merel Keijzer was appointed to the chair of English Language. A graduate of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, she has been one of the university’s Rosalind Franklin Fellows since 2013. She has published extensively on bilingualism.

Image result for merel keijzer

Merel succeeds Prof. Marjolijn Verspoor who will remain as chair of the faculty cluster board of which our department is a member.

John Donne Manuscript for Sale

A seventeenth-century manuscript that includes poetry by John Donne (written during his lifetime but not in his own hand) has been discovered at Melford Hall in Suffolk recently and is expected to realise an auction price of three hundred thousand pounds.

See the auction catalogue details including images of the pages (Sotheby’s).

See report in The Guardian.

Thanks to Pamela for drawing this to my attention.