The Agricola Seminar. Guest lectures on premodern history and culture. These are open to everyone.

Anglophile. Groningen English department alumni association.

Groningen University Theatre Society (GUTS). Performing in English since 1968, usually with many students of English in the cast.

NUTS. Facebook page of Groningen English student society.

Shakespeare Theatre, Diever. Outdoor Shakespeare in Dutch.

Stranger Things Have Happened. Improv comedy and theatre performed in English.


Arts & Letters Daily. A digest of articles from the leading online journals dealing with literature, university life, history and ideas.

Edge. The meeting of arts & science.

Guardian Books.

The London Review of Books. Library password required for access. – Erik Kwakkel blogging about medieval manuscripts

New York Review of Books.  Library password required for access.

New York Times Book Review.

Hampton Court – Palace of Henry VIII