Buying Books

This section deals with books in English or other course-related material. It focuses on shops near the university and is not a list of all Groningen bookshops. If you know of other good places, please let me know. Sadly, I receive no money, discounts or other benefits for listing these shops.


These are usually the cheapest places to buy new books and they are frequently the cheapest places to get second-hand ones. Don’t wait until the last minute to order what you want. Second-hand books from all over the world. Priced in Sterling. Credit card payment. Sometimes Paypal or other payment methods are acceptable.  Almost everything is also available second-hand. Prices in Pounds Sterling. Credit card required. Postage on new books may be cheaper from (interface in English). Books in English and Dutch. Dutch interface. Free delivery if you make a minimum purchase of 20 Euros. Free delivery on all books. Priced in Euros. Credit card or Paypal. Mainly second-hand books. The interface (in Dutch) is straightforward and easy to use. Buy and sell course books.

Tomb of Edward II, Gloucester Cathedral
Tomb of Edward II, Gloucester Cathedral


New Books

Boekhandel Van der Velde (A-Kerkhof 45-47 & The Grote Markt): The best selection of modern novels and classic fiction in English in Groningen. In the Akerkhof store you can lounge around in its comfortable armchairs.

Second-Hand Books

Antiquariaat Berger & De Vries (Pelsterstraat 27-29). Every two weeks this shop gets in a stock of second-hand books that they sell very cheaply (most books are 2-3 Euros). You could not count on getting your course books here at the last minute but if you visit every now and then you’ll find many useful bargains. English books are grouped together so it doesn’t take long to browse. Also carries books on history and art.

Antiquariaat Isis (Folkingestraat 20). Some English novels and poetry. Doesn’t carry English literature textbooks. A good selection of works on book history and general history. Its strongest holdings are in philosophy and religions.

Antiquariat Sphinx (Nieuwe Boteringestraat 56) is a second-hand shop that carries a good range of English language novels and some books on English literature. It has a wide range of books on history and classics. Midpriced.

Books4Life Groningen (Rivierenhof 12). Charity shop whose proceeds go to Amnesty and Oxfam.


German First World War Cemetery (near Ieper/Ypres)