Enid Blyton’s Texts Partially Restored

Hachette Children’s Group is to revert to classic Enid Blyton texts, after a 2010 policy to update the language “proved very unpopular”.

At the time, they had insisted: “These days you don’t talk of jolly japes to kids.”

But after updating the Famous Five novels to swap little-used words to their modern-day equivalents, the publishers have now bowed to the wishes of long-standing fans to reinstate the language of the 1940s.

Article in The Telegraph

2010 article in The Guardian

Although the books will now have their jolly japes restored, other changes to parts of the original books that were deemed offensive will remain. Although one might think that a concern for textual editions is a concern for those studying classic literary authors, in fact children’s fiction can raise all sorts of complications as texts as well as covers are updated. A reader of the 2010 Secret Seven books would have some of the specificity of their time of composition erased.

Blyton book covers through the ages

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