Literary Censorship in Schools

School literature syllabuses are particular sites of contention. The best-known cases in the anglophone world derive from the US where parents’ associations, school boards and state legislatures have significant input into the syllabus and where the supporters and opponents of particular censorship decisions have the freedom to publish their views. The amount of information on the internet about censorship decisions in the US can obscure the debates around similiar issues elsewhere.

Americal Library Association (ALA) on school censorship.

British Library site on censorship in schools.

More fuss over Harry Potter.

Israel’s education ministry has disqualified an acclaimed book depicting a love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian from being taught in schools because of perceptions that mixed relationships are a “threat to a separate identity”.

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No gay penguins for the students in Venice’s schools. See the article in The Telegraph.

Photo credit: es0teric/Creative Commons