Towards a new university? A debate on the future of the RuG

Thursday 19 March, 17-19h. Marie Loke Room, Harmonie Complex

Last month, students and staff of the University of Amsterdam occupied university buildings and reclaimed their university. This lead to a nation-wide debate, both within and outside the walls of academia, on the way universities are or should be managed (and by whom), on the dominance of ‘efficiency thinking’ (rendements-denken), and on the way bureaucracy and management presses on core tasks of education and research.

It is clear that the issues raised by the Maagdenhuis appropriation reach beyond Amsterdam. How are things at the University of Groningen? Should there be more democracy at the RuG, and if so, how can we think of new management structures? How does the thinking in terms of efficiency affect our education and research, how does this relate to the task of universities in society. What could be workable alternatives?

During this meeting, students and staff of the RuG will share their view on issues such as top-down management, neoliberalization and over-bureaucratization, followed by a debate with a.o. members of the university council.

Statements by: Daan Brandenbarg (Medical Sciences), Trudy Dehue (Behavioral and Social Sciences) Pascal Gielen (Arts), Matthieu Paapst (Law), Judith Vega (Philosophy), and representatives of DNU Groningen.

Debate with speakers, representatives of DNU Groningen, and members of the University Council, chaired by Kristin McGee.