New Biography of Wilfred Owen

In this, the anniversary of the Great War, there is a flood of new publications. In the UK, Owen is, at the moment, the preeminent war poet. Here are two differing opinions on his most recent biography:

Until Owen stumbled into a trench and suffered a nasty case of concussion his poetry, or Poesy as he sometimes called it, was at best forgettable and at worst excruciating. See

It is one of the strengths of Guy Cuthbertson’s sympathetic but flawed book that he concentrates on Owen’s poetry as literature in its own right rather than as protest; and one of its weaknesses that he displays scant interest in the war that gave rise to the poems for which we remember Owen today. For without that war, Owen would likely have remained an unknown amateur, rather than the major poet he became.


This is a plate from Wilfred Owen's 1920 Poems...
Wilfred Owen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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