GUTS Performance, ‘Confusions’

Groningen University Theatre Society (GUTS) presents Confusions, 13-15 Feb. 2014 in the USVA.
Alan Ayckbourn‘s hilarious short play Confusions consists of five (even shorter) interlinked one-act plays about frustrated, sad, and lonely people. Over twenty different characters are involved in comical, tragic, and absurd situations that explore romantic relationships, human anxieties, and loneliness, while remaining witty and most entertaining.
The style of the plays ranges from over-the-top farce to bordering-on-the-absurd, all filled with Ayckbourn’s cleverly constructed dialogue. The number of characters allows the cast to showcase their multitude of talents, guaranteeing a laugh out of every member of the audience.

Hendrik Engelbrecht
Samantha Haitsma
Bobby Makariev
Femke Nagelhout
Daan Wesselink
Directed by Noa Nikolsky

GUTS has been performing plays in English since 1968
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