Why do some academics feel like frauds?

Feature: Why do some academics feel like frauds? | Features | Times Higher Education.

Note that students too can feel like frauds (albeit for different reasons). Some high performing students believe that they don’t deserve their grades and that they are due to good luck, lax marking or the poor work of the rest of the class. This is something that appears most clearly, usually along with considerable anxiety, in the writing of dissertations.

Can reading a good book make you a better person?

Nathan Filer’s novel The Shock of the Fall was ascribed life-changing qualities by Costa book judges. But the jury’s still out on fiction’s positive impact.

John Sutherland’s short column addresses an old question.

John Armstrong addresses the even older question, ‘What is art for?’ and concludes ‘that art is a therapeutic instrument: its value lies in its capacity to exhort, console, and guide us toward better versions of ourselves and to help us live more flourishing lives, individually and collectively.’