Dutch Blasphemy Law

Both the Netherlands’ ruling parties now have their doubts about plans to scrap blasphemy from the statute books, Nos television reports on Wednesday. – http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2013/11/ruling_parties_now_have_doubts.phpf
I had forgotten that there was a Dutch blasphemy law. There used be one in the UK (that protected Christians only) and this was superseded by universal laws against discrimination and incitement to hatred. There is still one in Ireland.
Picture of William Butler Yeats published this...
W. B. Yeats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It would be difficult to lecture in the history of literature if it were necessary to avoid ‘religious sensibilities being hurt’ (quotation from newspaper article – this may not be the wording of the law). Many of the texts on the English syllabus have been objected to at one time or another. W. B. Yeats, who seems very respectable (he was Irish, he was a Senator, he won the Nobel Prize for literature, he wrote difficult poems), wrote various works that might be considered blasphemous (and that I suppose I’d better not quote).

C. S. Lewis’s Legacy

EAGLE AND CHILD – OXFORD The pub where the Inklings used meet (Photo credit: summonedbyfells)

CS Lewis’s literary legacy: ‘dodgy and unpleasant’ or ‘exceptionally good’? It’s 50 years since CS Lewis died. His legacy encompasses far more than just Narnia – Rowan Williams, AS Byatt, Philip Pullman and others give their thoughts on his body of work.




John Donne: Virtual Sermon

Painting titled "Old St Paul’s (sermon at...
“Old St Paul’s (sermon at St Paul’s Cross)” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This site, created by academics at North Carolina State University, seeks to provide a virtual experience of what it would have been like to attend one of John Donne’s sermons at St Paul’s Cross in 1622.