Spielberg’s Film on Abraham Lincoln

‘The Significance of Steven Spielberg’s Old Mr. Lincoln: Political Emotions and Intertextual Knowledge’

Venue: Wednesday, January 16, from 2 to 4 pm in the Van der Leeuwzaal (Academy Building)

Janet Staiger will talk about the political emotions that are mobilized when historical films are released at specific times. She will use Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln (2012) and its overt analysis of the politics of race in the United States against the backdrop of the recent Obama campaign as a case study. The talk will be followed by a reception in the Oude Boteringestraat 23.

Staiger is most famous for her contribution to the seminal study The Classical Hollywood Cinema (1985, co-written with David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson) as well as her two books on historical reception studies: Interpreting Films: Studies in the Historical Reception of American Cinema (1992) and Perverse Spectators: The Practices of Film Reception (2000). She has also co-edited the books Film and Authorship (2003), Convergence Media History (2009) and Political Emotions (2010).

This talk will be the first in a series of lectures on film and emotions, entitled Films and Feelings: New Research on Cinematic Emotions. It includes further guest lectures by Jens Eder (University of Mannheim) and Valentin Wagner/Eugen Wassiliwizky (Free University Berlin) and is organized by Julian Hanich and Miklós Kiss from the Department of Arts, Culture and Media.