There’s no party…

Police and local officials in the Groningen town of Haren are planning emergency measures to ensure thousands of people do not turn up to a 16-year-old girl’s birthday party, the Telegraaf reports on Thursday.

The girl announced her party plans on Facebook, but failed to add the event is a private gathering. Word spread from friend to friend, and by Tuesday, the event had gone viral, with spoof videos, dedicated websites, t-shirts and an ‘after-party’, organised by a guerrilla marketing group in Groningen. A number of YouTube films were put together, promoting the event under the moniker ‘Project X Haren’, after an American film based on a suburban party that got out of hand.

The council is said to be monitoring social media developments to try and get a grip on the situation, which threatens to engulf the smart commuter town of 18,000 people. ‘But it remains very hard to assess what we can expect on Friday,’ a spokesman told the Telegraaf. ‘Our primary concern is ensuring public safety.’ A police spokesman told news agency AFP: ‘Thousands of people have indicated they might be attending… We are taking extra measures, but what they are I am not at liberty to tell you.’