Students borrow €365 a month and are not financially astute

Around one third of college and university students have a student loan, averaging €365 a month, but at the same time they forget to claim other cash they are entitled to, according to research by family spending institute Nibud.On average, students will graduate with a debt of some €17,500 Nibud calculates, based on research among 3,000 hbo college and university goers. But many have no idea under what conditions they have borrowed the money – some 50% have no idea what interest they have to pay over the loan.In addition, one in five students do not claim help with health insurance and one in 10 never completes a tax return, Nibud says.On average students who live away from home have €914 a month to spend, with rent costing an average €340. Students who live at home have income of €535.©

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